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"Yosemite Gifts" comes to life in the charming and historic gold-mining town of Mariposa, California.

The historic building that is the home of "Yosemite Gifts" originally dates back to 1867, brining in a feeling of the old with the new.  Today, "Yosemite gifts" carries many treasures which are hand crafter right here in Mariposa and from around the world.  This charming shop, which still contains much of the original woodwork and architectural features of the 1800's saloon, offers over one thousand and one unique gifts...something for everyone on your list!

A little local history... In 1849 Joseph Miller came to Mariposa County located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.  A few years later, he bought a piece of Mariposa property where he built and opened "Miller's Capital Saloon" in 1867.  The saloon was kept in the Miller family for over 100 years.  Through the years the saloon also went by the names, "The Capital Sample Room" and "The capital Cafe" just to name a few.  In 1971 the building was sold to Bob Hull changing the name to the "Hull House".  

In 1990, Sub Carney opened "Yosemite Gifts" in Mariposa. Then in 2002 she relocated her store after purchasing the historic building that originally housed "Miller's Capital Saloon".  Su has created a truly unique shopping experience by utilizing the many  charming rooms that are located within, and stocking her store with a wide variety of hand-picked, and in many cases, hand designed items.  Su takes great pride in carrying on the legacy of the pioneering and independent spirit that was born in the 1800's!

Once you walk though the doors of "Yosemite Gifts" you will discover an amazing variety of specialty gift items including a vast collection of exquisite Fashion Jewelry, Rocks, Fossils, Collectible, Nostalgia, American Indian, Western, Souvenirs, Natural Gold & Silver, Beads & Supplies, T-Shirt, and so much more!

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