It Started with a Dream

Su Carney founded Yosemite Gifts on July 4th in 2002 after successfully running Dial's rock shop for 17 years.  Su opened the store as a hobby as she was selling wholesale jewelry at the time to clients such as Princess Cruise Lines and Costco.   Su has perfected the art of designing her own jewelry which she sells in the store today.  Su prides herself on selling something for everyone in your family.  In 2014, Su decided to expand her empire and opened Yosemite Beads R Us across the street on historic Highway 140 in Mariposa.   She opened the second location when outgrew the Yosemite Gifts location and was no longer able to expand her bead collection and offer her instruction classes.  Due to the large size of the second location,  Su opened a third store, Yosemite Sweet Tooth, to satisfy the towns, well, sweet tooth.  Su has established herself deep within the community by helping organize several festivals and donates to help make those events a success.